Elemental Fusion

A bright blue light flared from a small rienforced iron box attached to an array of cords and wires.

“Got it” said the wild-haired fox sitting in the middle of a crescent moon of computer monitors.

“Perfect” whispered the the dark echidna sitting in the corner setting down his Laptop computer, and standing nervously.

“We’ve successfully extracted the life force from a rock,” said the fox, as he lifted a large rock from the iron box.”it
contains twelve different mineral types, so you’ll have a wide variety of abilities.”

“Allright, Mitchell, let’s do this,” the echidna said as he entered a large iron-lined glass chamber. He lied sown on a table,
and a small metal arm lowered and slid a needle into his upper arm.”Ugh, I hate shots,”he said as he braced himself for the next needle.
His eyes flicked open and he looked around briskly.”That it?” he asked.

“Yup, that’s all I need to extract your life force, because it’s visibly present.” the fox said as he typed codes into multiple keypads.” Dehr, relax.”

Dehr went limp as a light hiss sounded while the needle hose quivered. A blue mist-like aura rose from the hose and gathered above the unconscious echidna.

“Life force extracted,” Mitchell whispered to himself,”ejecting elemental life force,” another metal arm lowered and a brown aura rose from the tip,
and lowered to circle the blue aura,”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, fusing,” he said as he punched a single key and two lasers shot from the walls, one to each aura. The

two lasers began pulling the auras in circles around eachother, closer and closer, the two crashed together and a blinding golden light flashed around the room. “Successful fusion!” the fox

said ,not too surprised, to himself.”Now, to rebond the life force,” he said as he grasped a joy-stick and twisted it downward as the two lasers pulled the red aura down to Dehr’s

unconscious body. The aura whirled around and into Dehr’s chest as he gasped for air and his left forearm began literally pulsing and certain spots of his fur turned black to form a strange

tatoo-like mark on his arm. He fell back from clenching his arm, sweating and breathing heavily.


Hours later Dehr was sleeping in his room when Mitchell slipped in and lightly shook Dehr awake.”C’mon I’ve got s’more info,” he said as he left the room. Dehr grabbed a sweat

shirt and struggled to put it on as he followed the fox out and up to the lab.”OK, first I have to ask you,”he said sitting into a chair and spinning to face Dehr,”Are you aware what we’ve

done? This has never been done before.”

“Yes, I know, of course I know this is huge. We fused my life force with a rock to…”

“-give you ‘elemental powers’.” Mitchel said making quotes with his fingers.”Now we have to start some testing.”

“Testing? What am I a specimen?” Dehr questioned as Mitchell bustled about with random objects.

“Pretty much, man.” he said as he picked up a clipboard overstuffed with papers. Dehr looked at it wearily.

“Gonna take a while, isn’t it?” he said.

“Yep,”replied the fox as he left to the courtyard,”Come on.”


“OK. What do you think you can do?” Mitchell asked Dehr, who was standing beside him.

“Well, I can sort of…fell the ground…as if it were part of my hand,” he said looking from the ground to his hands,”So.” he turned to look at Mitchell. Dehr closed his eyes,

suddenly a conical spire shot from the ground in front of Mitchell’s feet impaling the large clipboard he was holding and causing the fox to leap back in fright.

“Well, I can do that,” Dehr said aloud as he finished a can of soda tossing it out to the middle of the courtyard. Dehr’s arm markings began glowing, as he flicked one finger into

attention. A cylindrical lump rose sharply beneath the can, catapulting it into the air, Dehr swung his other arm up in an arc, stone materialized in Dehr’s now idle left hand, and bridged up

his arm and over his shoulders, transferring the earth manipulation control to his right hand. Dehr then swung his right hand up, balled into a fist, and a large stone likeness of Dehr’s hand

rose from the ground, grasping the empty can and crushing it to powder.
“Hehe…fun,” he said as the glowing subsided.

“Ok,” Mitchell said pulling an “emergency” notepad from his pocket he scribbled some notes,”elemental manipulation, that’s cool,” he said,”anything else?”

“Hang on…” Dehr said as he went to the corner of the courtyard. He held his arms out wide. Suddenly he seemed to fall down a hole, he was just swallowed up by the earth he

stood on.

“Dehr!?” Mitchell yelled cocernedly. He heard rustling behind him. He turned to see Dehr shrugging off a crumbling shell of solid stone that looked to be a like a case or

sarcophagus even. It fell into dust around Dehr as he opened his eyes and the marking ceased glowing.

“Woah, I wish you could try that!” Dehr said enthusiastically,” Seriously, I was encased in stone like a coffin, and I stayed stiff as a board.”
he said acting out his thoughts,”all I wanted to do was move fast.” he finished with a deep breath and a sigh.

“So,” the fox replied while taking notes,”underground travel.” he said, impressed.

“Allright I’ll figure them all out all eventually.” he said leaving the courtyard,”I’m leaving soon.”

“I shaved off your arm while you were asleep, the marks are on your skin as well, it grew right back.” Mitchell called after him.

“Cool,” Dehr said reentering the courtyard with all his gear,”I’m leavin’, we’ll keep in touch ’bout all this powers stuff.” he called while entering the hangar.Mitchell watched as

Dehr rocketed out of the bay on to the horizon, turning to the door as he recalled the day’s events.


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