Angelicus: How Our Hero Was Born


How Our Hero Was Born

It was a normal yet rainy night at the shabby shack that was the orphanage, and the doorbell rang. This caused quite the commotion, due to the fact that no one ever resounded the greeting for anything. The caretakers opened the door, and found the remains of a small wicker basket, with a bundle in the middle, tightly wrapped in a blanket. As they picked it up, the sun seemed to show through the clouds for a short bit, and the rain lessened. They unwrapped the blanket to find a baby white as snow hedgehog, with sky blue eyes. All that was known of him was a note with his name on the blanket: Luce. They took Luce in, and the small patch of sun hid behind the clouds once more, and a boom of thunder roared through the sky.

14 Years Later…

A dirty yellow hedgehog lay asleep on an old army surplus cot in brown peasant’s rags. This is indeed what Luce came to be after all the torment and pain he endured all the time he was at the orphanage. His formerly white coat turned yellow as urine, his stomach green as vomit from all the abuse he endured. The caretakers got money from the government for every child other than him. Yet, he still radiated a dim, but faintly visible light. The only thing he had in his possession was an old, tattered Bible that the minister from the local church gave him when Luce first went there. They really didn’t go to church too often, but Luce came to be friends with the friendly pastor. A hard knock was heard on the door. “HEY YOU, GET UP!” Luce stumbled out of his cot and walked sleepily through the door of the musty, smelly attic filled with mothballs.

He went clumsily down the stairs to the kitchen. Luce then preceded to make breakfast for all twenty of the orphans, and the caretakers. Luce got the scraps.

Later after cleaning the house, our yellow friend was allowed to ‘play’ with the others… which really meant he would be a living breathing punching bag for two hours. The kids always beat the tar out of him, and all Luce could do was endure it. After they threw him out of the crowd, Luce then proceeded to wonder around the backyard.

On this particular day, Luce found a cave he had never seen before. He looked around, and no one seemed to see the cave but him. He wondered in, and found a stone pedestal with a huge sword stuck in it. It had a golden hilt that was shaped like a cross, and the ends of each side of the hilt ended in a cross. Luce looked around until he found a tablet in front of the pedestal. It read:

Luce, Warrior of Flame from the stars…. take this sword, and the power of light we give you…

A bright flash ensured, and Luce had turned a brilliant bright white, with yellow only showing on the ends of his arms, legs, and spines. His belly turned from the green it was to a firey orange, as if his very heart was burning. His dim luster now changed to a shining luminance, and his rags were completely destroyed. In their place were what appeared to be black leather gloves and shoes. These were not made of leather however, but Dark Dragon skin. Luce took the huge heavy blade out of the pedestal, and contested with it’s weight… it seemed to weigh a ton! Luce read the tablet again.

Train here, we will guide you. Go with God Luce…

The tablet then proceeded to crumble into pieces. These pieces then disappeared. Luce took some time to think about this, shocked by what he had seen… Me… from the stars? He looked all over himself. Well, I certainly look the part, and it seems that this power is God given. Fine, I’ll do my best!

2 Years After…

Luce had been training in that cave for 2 years, unseen by everyone. He kept his gear in the cave so no one would see it. Ever since that day however, everyone seemed to treat him with a little more respect, and not bully him around as much… perhaps because of his new look. However, this did not stop him from doing the chores around the house as he needed to still pay for his stay.

On his 16 birthday a voice came to Luce. Run now, and go to the place of the Paladins. Luce took his bible, gathered his gear from the cave, and left without a word or note to anyone, and no one cared about him being gone either.


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