Spencer “Fausch” Z.

Warning: Many(okay, pretty much all) of Spencer’s fanfics involve a large amount of violence and possibly disturbing content. Just saying so no one complains about not warning you.

Name:                                     Description:

Labor. ~ Prologue of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Suffocation Within.~ Chapter 1 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Implantation. ~ Chapter 2 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Evisceration. ~ Chapter 3 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Frigid Steel. ~ Chapter 4 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Larceny. ~ Chapter 5 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Long Way Down. ~ Chapter 6 of Gone Deadly Wrong.

Metal Pupils. ~ Prolouge of 5 Years To Mobius.

Our Last Goodbyes. ~ Chapter 1 of 5 Years To Mobius.

Guten Morgen. ~ Prolouge to Kill and Let Live.


2 Responses to “Spencer “Fausch” Z.”

  1. fausch Says:

    It’s official. Someday soon, I’mma rewrite the entire GDW. It will be epic.

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