GDW: Evisceration

I wandered around this warehouse for a number of hours, hoping to both find an exit and find some answers. There were a number of exit doors, but they were all locked. I wandered through the maze of crates and tarped plane fuselages for a bit longer. I felt this strange warm feeling when I wandered by a certain crate. I decided to investigate further. The crate was old, dusty, and had a ‘G’ painted in purple on a black background.

Shadow, I thought. After I heard the click, I pointed my left foot at the crate. The crate quickly burnt to ashes and revealed a large, sparkling green gem. The gem quickly lit up the entire aisle of crates and fuselages around me.

“This is…One of the Chaos Emeralds!” I whispered. I felt that tingling feeling again as I picked it up. But this time, I was engulfed in a blue aura. “Could this be the same as that power that killed the doctor and Maria?” Then I remembered something the doctor had said.

“You are better ten-fold…”

“Better ten-fold?” I thought. Suddenly, I was lifted off the ground and shot straight forward, painlessly breaking through all of the crates in my way. The solid brick wall drew ever closer, and I was hoping I could tear through it. The wall gave like rice-paper, and I used the last of my power to regain my footing.

“Where am I?” I wondered. It appeared to be an alley of a run-down city area. Dusty dumpsters and barrels were scattered about. There were some rings littering the area, which was a surprise considering how dumpy this alley was. I scrambled to pick some up in hopes of being able to barter for some food.

“Hey, you!” Somebody yelled. I followed the voice to a flaming barrel with a red anthropomorphic dog keeping warm over the flames. He had one orange fox ear with a patch of orange surrounding it and one large orange fox-like tail. He wore a baggy pair of dusty, shredded black cargo jeans, large black VANS shoes which were obviously kind of old, and a  dirty and holey Fewleftstanding: Wormwood T-shirt. “I saw the affair withthat building, and I have to say blacky, you’ve got some crazy power there.

“Trust me, I have no idea what happened. I found a Chaos Emerald in that warehouse, and—”

“WHAT!?” He interrupted. “Of all places, they stash a Chaos Emerald in the old GUN surplus bunker.”

“I was surprised by it, too. I could feel it as I walked by one crate. I broke it open, picked up the emerald, and before I knew what happened, I burst through the frickin’ wall.”

“So, how did you end up in that old warehouse, anyway? GUN keeps that place pretty well sealed.”

“Well, you’re probably not going to believe me, but…” I began to explain everything that happened thus far.

“Holy shit! You sure had one hell of an ordeal there.” He said.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” I asked.

“Yea, them GUN troops and that insane doctor do some pretty wicked crap. I’m behind you 100% on this one.”

“Actually, I killed the doctor. I’d still be stuck on the ARK if it weren’t for that odd man named Black Doom.”

“Black doom, Eh? He’s the guy who’s been playing with mutagens. He also played the switch apples to oranges experiment with me. Notice the fox ear and tail? He did this to me. He wanted to turn me completely fox, but failed because the fox he was doing it with died halfway through the operation. He dubbed me a failed experiment and shot me off into an apartment complex in Westopolis.”

“I got a question, where did you live before this?”

“I lived just outside of Knothole Village. Then I got caught by Dr. Robotnik and sent to this odd ring. The ring shot me straight to this space place. That Black Doom guy shot me with some electricity, and the rest is a blur.”

“Holy shit! You lived on Mobius, too?”

“Yea, I just wish I knew where we are now. This definitely isn’t Mobius, that’s for sure. The people and animals look so disproportionate here.”

“So I’ve noticed. Though Dr. Gerald looks like a Mobite, everyone else look weird. I feel so uncomfortable. We can’t just walk out into the streets like this. I just want to be back on Mobius.”

“Wait!” He yelled, “I’ve got an Idea! You remember that ring that I was talking about?”

“Yea, what about it?”

“Well, if it sent me from Mobius, maybe it could send us back.”

“Well, how will we find this ring?”

“I know someone who’s pretty tech-savvy. He’s another outcast like me and you.”

“Let’s go then!” I exclaimed.

This man had obviously been genetically engineered. He could run almost as fast as I could when I broke into a rocket sprint. He also seemed to possess some sort of super jumping ability. A number of times, he had jumped into windows and detoured through abandoned buildings so he wouldn’t be discovered. Finally, we made it into the basement of an abandoned department store.

“You know,” I said, “All this time we’ve been chatting, and you still have never told me your name.”

“Oh…I’m Daiv” He said.

“I’m Shadow. I was Manic.” I responded.

We then sprinted through this basement for about a minute more before we reached a pair of  steel double-doors that had a sign that said ‘Fausch’ on it in sloppy black letters.

“Aw, no.” Daiv said, slapping his palm into his forehead.

“What?” I asked.

“The doors are busted. We can’t get in.”

All of the sudden, I felt the headache and screeching again. This time, I managed to stay standing. My vision flickered to Sonic the Hedgehog. He was curling into a ball and rolling quickly in place.

“You’re toast, Robotnik!” He said, “One Spindash and you’ll be nothing but a pile of WD-40!”

My vision quickly flickered back to reality. I had unknowingly had fallen over. I jumped back up to my feet and used my shoes to slow myself.

“Holy…Are you okay?” Daiv asked loudly.

“Yea, this has been happening to me ever since I went under the knife.” I answered.

“So, what exactly happened?” He asked

“Well, I know how to get through the door now.” I said. “Stand back, this could get really hot!” I jumped to the ground, and thought the word “Spindash.” Suddenly, my shoes clicked, but the intensity of the flame was much lower. I started to feel rather motion-sick as the floor and ceiling seemed to rapidly switch places. Everything got faster until all was a blur. I quickly thought “Go!” and smashed into the doors with full force. The doors slowly ground and burned until there was a circular hole through the door about half of a meter in diameter. The only problem was, though I had created an opening, I couldn’t stop; I kept going until I crashed into a brick wall.

“What the?” Daiv said in an almost speechless manner. “How did you do that?” This question puzzled me, too. I had no idea how it occurred, but I had apparently utilized the Sonic Spindash.

“I have no idea,” I said, “I just saw Sonic do it in that trip of mine. I thought about breaking the door, and BOOM! I was through the door.”

“Dude, Fausch is not going to believe this!” Daiv said.

“Trust me, I do.” An echidna said as he rose out from behind a wooden desk. He had a pair of tight black jeans on and had an open white dress shirt, which the ten-pointed star tattooed on his chest showed through. He had on two black gloves on, not like echidna spur gloves, normal, five-finger work gloves.

“Oh, Fausch, you’re here!” Daiv said. “I…um…need some help.”

“Oh, really,” Faush said. “What with?”
“You know the Pink Ring? Well, my friend and I are thinking of tracking it down. We were hoping you could help us.”

“Pink Ring energy signatures are very difficult to track. It’ll take me at least 3 days to calibrate a tracker properly.” Fausch said. “You always give me the tough jobs, you dink.”

“I tell you…you never change, Fausch.” Daiv said, wrapping one arm around Faush. “We’ve got 5 days until the ring appears. Good luck.”

“Like I said before, I can do it in 3.” Fausch said arrogantly. But this moment of celebration was short-lived. A large explosion decimated the steel doors and sent chunks of metal and cement debris straight at us. Daiv and I ducked behind a desk. Fausch dropped to the floor for a second, and rose up with a laser rifle of some sort.

“I’ve located the experiments!” The lead soldier of a GUN squadron said.

“ROGER!!” The other troops responded, in their normal frumpy fashion.

“Eat refractor, BIATCH!” Faush yelled as he opened fire. Fat red beams of energy poured from the rifle and pierced multiple soldiers before speeding down the hallway and eventually reflecting back and coming back to decimate another row of soldiers. Faush quickly ducked as the beam came his way. The beam didn’t have enough energy and faded as it hit the bricks behind him. GUN soldiers opened fire, but hit nothing but desks and bricks. Fausch jumped up again and fired three more red beams, jumped down to the floor again, and watched the soldiers fall like dominoes; blood was spurting quickly out of the places where the refractor beam had impacted them. Some had been decapitated by the heavy beams, their headless bodies still helplessly twitching.

“Retreat!!” the lead soldier yelled professionally.

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” I belted. I felt the blue glow and tingling return.

“Ultimate life form…” I thought. Suddenly, I shot straight out the doorway, as before, and vaporized any part of the soldiers that touched me. I dropped to the floor as soon as I cleared the insurgents, and cleared the remainder of the soldiers by hand. The aura seemed to be an invincibility safeguard of some sort, because I had taken several hundred bullets, and they all deflected off of my glowing body. Every time I struck a soldier, the attack sliced limbs or whatever I hit apart and cauterized the wounds instantly. And every time a soldier attacked me directly, whatever they hit me with, be it a nightstick or their fists and feet, vaporized instantaneously. All the soldiers soon lay there dead in a pile of blood, limbs, and guns. The aura faded slowly and my incredible strength along with it.

“HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?!?” Fausch and Daiv yelled in slack-jawed unison.

“I don’t know, but we’ve got quite a mess to clean up.” I said while staring down at the heap of military casualties I stood in.

“Shadow and I will clean the corpses and blood up; you need to work on the tracker.” Daiv said. “Good thing the carpet was red to start with, or we might have a big problem.” Daiv and I then spent the rest of the day cleaning up the soldiers. Daiv secured the weapons and I spent my time cremating the bodies with my fire shoes. Basically, we wanted the slaughter of dozens of militants to go unnoticed.

Why is Daiv so eager to help me? What are his and Fausch’s intentions? Will we ever find the Pink Ring? Will it bring us back to Mobius?  Why is GUN on our backs? Will I ever be my old self again?


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