GDW: Frigid Steel

This little routine of filleting GUN troops, scavenging for food late at night, and asking Fausch, “Are you done with the ring sensor yet?” went on for two or so days… Then I felt the resonating screech slash my ears and the headache returned with a flaming vengeance. I dropped to my knees, which hurt like hell on the cold cement floor. My vision flickered between this reality and Mobius. Then, the Mobius vision slowly overtook all else.

I was Manic once again. Sonic and I were fighting side-by-side.

“Freeze, hedgies!” a SwatBot exclaimed metallically. “You’re surrounded, surrender or die.”

“I don’t think so!” Sonic yelled. He reached under a large boulder and pulled out a power ring, which are much stronger than the rings of this world. The ring sparkled, glimmered, and slowly dissolved. Sonic curled into a ball, and smashed the SwatBots whilst springing off of them onto the next robot. This process kept going for about 15 seconds until one of the robots raised a stun-shield, which upon impact, paralyzed Sonic. Only five of the SwatBots remained. Two of them carried Sonic’s immobilized body away, and the other three attempted to capture me. I wasn’t as fast as Sonic, but I knew how dumb SwatBot AI is. I dodged three stun shots, pulled the poorly secured arm off of one of them, and utilized it as a weapon. Unbeknownst to me, Stun baton shock can travel through metal, and thus, I was disabled by an attempt to block a stun baton.

Everything blurred and came back into focus randomly; the first side effect of a stun attack. The two SwatBots that still had both arms dragged me to an unknown location. Presumably, this was Robotnik’s base. When I arrived, I had some road rash across my muzzle and face from being dragged across the coarse cement and steel floor of this technological base.

“Do you have one of the Hedgehogs?” A dark voice, Probably Robotnik’s asked.

“Yes, In fact, we have two.” One of the SwatBots said.

“Send the green one through the ring. I have use for Sonic. Let Earth take care of Manic.” At that instant, I knew something terrible was about to happen to both me and Sonic. The SwatBots resumed dragging me for a number of minutes. They reached what appeared to be an incredibly industrialized and polluted pier. I looked up to see a large ring with arcs of electricity running around the inner edges of it.

“Here’s your last stop in this world.” One of the robots said. The two began heaving me back and forth, and they let go at the farthest point of their swing. I approached the ring head-first. Then the vision of the ring started to flicker. My mind slowly faded back to Earth, as Robotnik called it.

I woke up in the middle of Fausch’s bed. I was confused as to how and why this flashback, if that’s even what it is, occurred.

“Oh my God, You’re awake!” Daiv said. “You had one hell of a seizure there.”

“He’s awake…” Fausch said. “You’ve been asleep for a day and a half. GUN cleaned us out while you were out. I don’t have the stuff to finish the Ring detector because they seized all of my tools.”

“So, where do you get tools in this place?” I asked.

“Well, there’s RadioShack,” Fausch said, “But I doubt they’d take kindly to three Mobite animals asking for tools.”

“We could steal them while the shop is closed.” I proposed.

“It’s the only way we’re going to get tools,” Daiv said, “I’m in.”

“So,” I started, “where is RadioShack, anyway?”

“Follow me after dark; I’ll lead you to it.”

So our plan was set: Got to RadioShack after dark, sneak in and neutralize any threat, take what we need, and return to the department store. But why did I need to see my being thrown into the Pink Ring? Is there any significance? What ever happened to Sonic? We’ll soon find out, I guess. Two days until the day of the Ring; hopefully we’ll be able to find the Ring or we’ll have to wait a number of years.


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