GDW: Implantation

I awoke in a large puddle of green gel, broken glass, and blood. I tried to regain my composure, but I was bogged down by another insidious headache and that gruesome screeching resonating in my ears. My vision faded to black and white, and flickered between reality, and this twister version of the ARK. Apparently, this is my memories.

There I stood, just a young lady…Maria by my side. We were surrounded by dozens of GUN troops in what appeared to be a research facility.

“Eliminate all the survivors!” One soldier said.

“Roger!!” All of the others responded, not all in unison.

I could feel the tingling coming back, and the red glow returned as well.

“I’ll protect you, Maria!” I said, “To hell with all of you, I won’t let you take Maria from me!”

I felt incredible jolts of energy surging up my spine. “Shadow,” I thought as my shoes shot me into the air. “Death unto all who oppose me!!” I yelled. I felt a huge rush of energy escape my body. I dropped to the floor, and the fit of rage had destroyed everything around me. Sadly, this included Maria. What was left of her was writhing in pain.

“Shadow,” she coughed, “This doesn’t need to happen again.”

“Maria, I’m sorry.” I said.

“Use these powers to protect Earth; give them a chance to live in peace.” She gasped. She dragged her charred, smoldering body to a large control panel. She hammered several buttons, wincing each time. She turned around and waved goodbye. Her face was almost vomit-inducing to look at. All of the sudden the capsule shot straight down at Earth. I couldn’t stand staring down at something coming ever closer, and I passed out.

“Damn,” I said, “That was insane.” I had finally managed to lift myself off of the cold cement floor of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. “Why does that feel so cold and artificial? Who is this Maria?” I stood there a very long time, reflecting on all that had just happened. “Are these memories even really mine?”

Who is Maria? My memories showed that I cared deeply for her, yet I don’t feel any remorse in reflecting on her death. Are these true memories or just fabrications of what the doctor and Black Doom want me to remember? Am I even still on Mobius or a twisted, broken version of the world I know and love? Why was I aboard the ARK in the first place? What is this pink aura that surrounds me when I’m angered? Will I ever figure these things out or will I die without any peace?


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