GDW: Labor

This isn’t me…I thought. I looked down to my chest and saw a slightly-blood-stained patch of whitish fur adorning my chest. The rest of my fur was pure black with a number of bald patches and scars. I didn’t know what I was running from, but I sprinted as fast as I could down the cold hallways, which felt effortless and much faster than I had thought possible. Then I dropped and skidded on the cold cement floor, which reopened numerous scabs on my body. I couldn’t stand it; the pain in my head was unbearable. I could hear noises like fingernails on a chalkboard. Things faded to black and white, and then I saw what happened to me flash through my mind.

I lay there squirming. I was strapped to a cold steel operating table. Then Dr. Gerald and a strange robed, black-and-red figure walked in slowly. The doctor gave me an evil grin.

The strange man muttered, “This will be my soldier…” and held out his hand. Small arcs of lightning poured from his hand into my body; the pain was ungodly immense, and I thought I felt my skin begin to burn and catch fire. I screamed harder than anything I’d ever heard. I had tried to move my arms and legs, but I felt no motion; apparently, I was paralyzed from the electricity. I looked down and saw the majority of my flesh burned off and layers of muscle twitching. Large amounts of blood ran all over the table, which made me feel like vomiting, as if the pain wasn’t enough.

The black man took a large, jagged knife and slowly ran blade across his wrist, and I could see his arm shaking from the pain. He held his bleeding wrist over me. The blood drops burned every time, but black and red flash spread like ink drops on paper on my aching body. He squeezed his wrist, which made the dark blue blood run faster, and held it over my heart, which I could see beating through my burnt flesh. The blood burned so badly I could feel tears running down the sides of my head, and I could feel a scream rising in my throat, but had stopped at my Adam’s apple and stuck there. A small white hair grew out of my heart, followed by a couple more, and a couple more until a large blood-stained tuft grew from my heart, which was tainted with the blackish-blue blood of the black man. The flesh slowly grew until I was covered in black and red flesh with hundreds of scars and the occasional bit of short, black fur.

I looked down to see that my shoes had burnt off of my incredibly scorched toes.  Two SwatBots welded shiny red sandals to my feet, and wired them to each toe, which made the feel of a halfway-up scream rise and fall little bits, but the yell was stuck still in my throat. They then had begun to bolt white tops onto the red bottoms and halves of rings were welded together to form gold anklets. Two gold bracelets attached to gloves were then welded on to my wrists. My skin was burning so badly that I thought I was going to be scourged to death.

“Good, very good!” Dr. Gerald said as he ran his hand across one of my now bent spines, which felt like hot glass shards ripping and simultaneously burning my flesh.

“What…What the hell HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” I yelled desperately in a voice I honestly couldn’t believe was mine.

“You have been made into the ultimate life form.” The odd black man said, “You are your old self no longer. You are now Shadow the Hedgehog.”

“Why?” I gasped.

“You are better ten-fold than you ever were.” Gerald said dramatically, “You are our soldier now. You are the first hybrid of Hedgehog and Black Arms.”

“You heartless bastards!” I shouted, “Damn you! Damn you both to hell!” Everything after this slowly faded to black.

This is who I am. Manic, just a simple drummer by choice, forced to become the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog…


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