GDW: Larceny

The clock was against us. It felt as if it ticked as slowly as possible. The clock read 4:30 PM, and since it was summertime, or so I assumed by the temperature, it wouldn’t get dark until about 9:30. According to Fausch, the lights went on at 10PM, which would give us a 30 minute window to steal what we need and get out. We spent the remaining hours preparing. Fausch recharged his refractor gun, grabbed some of the leftover military weapons, and fitting up with some reinforced, heavy spur-padded gloves. Daiv scrounged up as many knives and such from the soldiers equip packs as possible. I fitted up with as much ammunition as possible and 2 SMGs belted around my lower torso.

“So, if all hell breaks loose, then what?” Daiv asked.

“Let’s pray that I get one of those auras again.” I replied.

“Well, I’ve got enough refractor ammo where that won’t happen.” Fausch said, “Boy, am I ever trigger-happy tonight!”

By this time, it was 9:16 PM. The sun was growing tired of staying in the sky and had dropped below the horizon. Night had fallen and it was time to start the raid. This evening, Fausch had shown us why he was unique; he exhibits quite an impressive amount of strength. He managed to punch a quite immense flesh wound in the brick skin of RadioShack. Lucky for us, the alarms are only activated by the front doors.

“Just as a word of caution,” Fausch whispered, “the janitorial works late quite often, and since the crime rate is so high here, they’re armed to the teeth. Shadow, now would be a good time to turn blue.” I started to feel quite worried. If we run into a janitor/sentry in this huge store, and I can’t pull together an aura, chances are, it’ll be our bodies on the news tomorrow.

“Let’s split up; Fausch and I’ll look for the tools we need.” Daiv said, “As for you, blacky, we’ve seen you’re whole aura power. Eliminate any of those sad sonsabitches that notice us.” Daiv and Fausch left into the huge store. I was left to myself to pray that no janitor/sentries came in while I was vulnerable. I had forgotten to load the SMGs that we’d raided off of the militants’ corpses, which had near empty clips. I ripped the clips out of the guns and proceeded to rush ammo out of my side bag and into the clips, while simultaneously hoping that no sentries were working late. I felt a sudden loss of vision as a heavy duty light of some sort shone bright and burnt my eyes.

“Oh my God! What is it?” I heard the man behind the light yell. He quickly pulled out a radio and said “Attention all staff, we have a security breach! There is a rat-like creature in sector A. I need backup! I don’t know what this thing is capable of.”

I was very worried until I felt that same tingling. Sure enough, the red aura had returned.

If I use that blast, I’ll waste all of this energy, better off just to save it… I thought.

I ran head first into the sentry. He flew into a shelf of small batteries, but he didn’t give up. He shot several refractor blasts into my eyes, but to no avail. I felt myself strengthened by the bursts; I had been absorbing the shots of energy and adding them to whatever power bank in my body fueled these auras. I jumped to close the distance between me and the sentry. He attempted to whip me with his refractor rifle, but it had turned to dust as it came within close proximity with my forehead. I gave him the hardest uppercut I could muster. To my surprise, the flesh of his chin kept going with my fist, quickly grayed, and turned to a bloody pile of dust. The sentry screamed in agony as blood dripped from his compromised lower facial muscle and bone mass. I then delivered a crushing roundhouse kick to his head, which sent his skull soaring toward another sentry, who was running toward me, refractor rifle a-blazing. The skull connected with his chest as the skull became embedded in his heart; instantly killing him as the decapitated guard fell to the ground, still twitching and palpitating from the dark energy of the aura.

“Shadow,” Daiv said eagerly, “We’ve got the tools. Let’s blow this place!” I crossed my arms and shook my head.

“Just one second,” I said, “Leave, now!” Fausch and Daiv sprinted for dear life out of the glass double door. I then though about the explosion that killed Maria, and did a backflip and let the surges of energy loose. I saw all of the objects on the shelves begin to burn, incinerate, and blow up. Piles of debris fell around me, and this all continued until the store was but a pile of dust, stones, and charred matter.

I thought long and hard, and before the aura faded, my red body pulsated bright blue. I used the power of the blue aura to drift quickly back to the department store and call it a night.


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