FYtM: Our Last Goodbyes


8:22 AM, July 20th, 2660, Sonic’s house “Dream”, Central City, VA, USA

Nightmares plagued my mind all night. I dreamt of staring into the cold steel walls as I helplessly descended. The reflection was not mine; those eyes were cold, dead and metallic. Mine are a shimmering lively green surrounded by a vivid sea of shining silver and white. Many images popped up in the numerous mirrored walls. What appeared to be Tails was facing off with the metallic me. Tails appeared to be much taller, had a tuft of hair covering the right side of his face and had a third tail. I saw Knuckles with quite a grand sword, and a mechanical arm. The arm appeared to be a very Tails-style machine. I saw Shadow and Manic staring each other down. In another mirror, Amy had one of my arms and Sally had the other. Could these be the future? I thought. The luminous floor drew ever closer, and I reluctantly accepted my fate. The floor was about an inch from my nose…

The floor I hit was not the mirror floor of my dream world, but the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I looked up to my green-and-brown-checkered walls, and remembered, for a brief moment, Mobius. The beautiful landscapes, the rolling checkered hills, the—

The sound of knocking split this little reminiscence in half. Barrages of knocks came, and came, and came. My mind drew my unwilling and still tired body off the carpet and toward the door. The door flew open to reveal none other than Tails. He was playing with his one of his tails nervously with his left hand; this was a clear sign that he was worried about something.

“Yo Tails!” I blurted.

“Hey Sonic…” He responded. His eyes seemed scared of mine, as he avoided eye contact.

“Tails,” I said, “What are you so worried about?”

He looked at the floor for a brief second and then darted his head up to meet my eyes. “It’s the President…” He said, “He’s been acting weird lately, and…” Tears began to soak his golden and white fur. “…H-he’s deporting us from the US.”

“What!?” I exclaimed. “Why?”

Tails glanced at me with misty, tear-filled eyes. “He says we’re guilty of treason—“

He was cut off by a loud zoom and a blur of blue sliding down the street so fast it shattered my windows. The tears were almost sucked off of his saturated fur by the blaze.

*Tails (13)*

10:39 PM, March 19th , 2666, Field, Near Great Forest, Mobius

The battle rageth onward

Thousands of Mobites were lined up; a solid rock of 4 foot tall soldiers waiting to go 6 feet under. At the front stood Knuckles, all of our remaining friends from the 5 years’ war, and myself. Big, Antoine, and Charmy had all died. Vector, however, had been roboticized. Vector, or  V8 as he called himself, let the frontlines of the other side right next to him…

“This may seem impossible.” I said. “Tonight, we bury our dead, but first, we bury them!” The initially soft words grew to a monstrous shout. Applause and shouting followed, eightfold the volume of my battle cry. On the other side I saw the two of our ex-comrades conversing.

“Are preparations complete?” V8 asked.

“Crush them like furry toothpicks.” He said softly, “I will handle General Prower.”

The Generals, me and Him , rushed at each other, the battle raging in a circle around them.

He tried to slide an early jab in to start the battle in his favor, but I dodged to the side. I responded by droopping back, balancing with my hands, and swinging my foot into his metal chest. He flinched, but recovered quickly, delivering a straight punch to my jaw. He swung his right fist to follow up but I grabbed his arm and kneed his chin. He was getting into position to do a spin dash. I was scared for my life, as his dash is more deadly in his current form. The battle was growing fiercer around us. A SwatBot took a swing at a Mobite with a blunt weapon of sorts, smearing her head on the muddy ground. Knuckles took a slice at a bot, knocking its head clear off and right into Him, interrupting his spin dash, and allowing me to cheat death once more…

The beginning of the end is in EXPULSION…


8:28 AM, July 20th, 2660, Sonic’s house, Central City, VA, USA

We sat there for five minutes, dead silent, trying to figure all of this out…

“What did we do to deserve this?” I pondered.

“I don’t know.” Tails sobbed.

Suddenly, there was a solid knock, sounding somewhat angry, on the door.

“Go away…” I said.

The person knocking must’ve grown impatient as he decided to take the door down. Several armed GUN troops poured in. They pointed their machine guns and lifted their truncheons accusatively at us.

“You are under arrest!” One of the soldiers shouted, moving toward Tails to cuff him. Instinctively, I spun out and shot forward at him, slicing his arms and chest substantially. I stood up, watching him clutch his bleeding breast, and was immediately knocked down by one of their cudgels.

Things slowly faded out…

8:45 AM, July 20th, 2660,???

My blurry vision focused slowly on one of the guards. He shot me a peculiar gaze as if to say Don’t try anything stupid… Normally, I could’ve taken him out while he was least expecting it. I tried to fall into a spin dash, but I couldn’t manage to make my arms or legs follow.  Shit! I’m bound up! I thought.

“Hey Bernie!” The driver said, peeking back, “Is it giving you a hassle?”

“Nope.” The guard sitting in the back responded. Suddenly, a flash of purple light consumed the front end of the van and started trickling into the back. The chubby guard started screaming as the light trickled onto him. Wherever the pink aura glowed, things seemed to quickly degenerate. The chubby man’s face seemed to slowly give way for red muscle tissue and then nothing but a blood-crusted skull. The light crept up to me, but felt different. As the light crept up to me, it tickled my toes, and gave me a warm sensation as if I were being held by my mother. The headache I’d received from the soldier’s cudgel had diminished. Even my bonds melted away. Everything felt perfect.

I looked outside, as the van had almost completely disappeared, and the sad remains of the section where I was seated was stuck in the middle of an enormous crater. A ways down the dirt road where I was sat a GUN facility. No doubt, they were going to bring me in to be questioned. Suddenly, all of my thoughts were disrupted by a near-tackle embrace.

“Oh my God!” A voice I knew belonged to Tails said. “You’re alive!”

“Yea. Looks like those GUN trucks didn’t take to the light show too well.” I responded.

“What do we do now? If we run, they’ll just catch us again!”

“Well, that light, didn’t harm us, so I’d say our best bet would be to find its source. No doubt that there’s something useful there.” I took a step in the direction of the light, and took off. “Can’t catch me!” I yelled into the dust behind me.

“Hey, come back!” Tails responded, sprinting after me.

I stopped dead at the source. A gigantic pink ring spun slowly in the center of the crater. “That looks like the gateway to the special zone.” I said.

“But it’s…Pink.” Tails said, catching his breath.

“So…If the big gold ring brings us somewhere, maybe…”

“I guess we really have no other choice.”

We slowly approached it until the warm light of the ring enveloped us, and with uncertainty in our minds, hearts, and souls, we made a leap of faith…


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