FYtM: Metal Pupils

*Tails (8)*

11:59PM December 31st, 2660, Robotopolis Morphosis Lab, Mobius

There he was. Trapped like a mouse falling for a piece of cheese. Two heavily armored SwatBots were carrying his bloodied body on a force-field stretcher. I could see desperation in his barely opened, twitching eyes. I couldn’t do anything. He won’t suffer the same fate as Manic, who was just done away with; they were going to roboticize him. I sat there, hidden, and desperately watched as they threw his body into the rig. Gears turned, flames puffed, and robots celebrated. This was the end of the age as we know it. I could feel warm tears strea7ming down my fur, and decided that now would be the time to make my escape. I spun my tails at a speed that would put a tire peeling out to shame. The wind rustled the loose hairs on my head and blew them into my left eye, which hurt like hell, but I was running for dear life, and had to deal with it.

*Tails (13)*

12:00AM January 1st, 2666, Knothole Village Remains, Mobius

Five years have passed since that damned day. My heart has grown callused since those cold steel men came and took Sonic, who was practically an older brother, away from me. Knothole Village has been ruined and slowly reduced to a few renegades who dare to oppose the ever-growing army of Dr. Robotnik. One hedgehog named Shadow claims to be Manic, but I’m not sure whether or not to believe him; this seems MUCH different from the doctor’s normal type of operations. Our leader, Princess Sally Acorn, has been a nervous wreck since the event. Today, however, is going to be the last time we worry about Sonic ever again; today, we say goodbye…

“We are gathered here today to remember, for the last time, the horrible event that took place five years ago today.” Sally announced, “Today, is the start of a new year, and though it took us five years, today is the day that we put the past behind us. Knothole is facing great trials, but WE WILL STAND.” She gave out a loud sigh, “The past is long gone…” Her eyes grew misty, “…As is Sonic.” Tears slowly developed, and as soon as she knew she’d cry, she walked out from behind her tree stump podium.

The room was silent for quite a few minutes after a short round of thunderous ovation. Then Sonia, Sonic’s sister and Sally’s new bodyguard since the death of Antoine, stood and gave a hand signal for another round of applause, which the small crowd quickly answered with another round of clapping.

“So sorry for our festival to end on such a down note,” She said, “Now, let’s have a happy new year!”

Shadow ran up to a small makeshift stage, jumped up to the drum set, and queued Sonia and I to follow. We climbed up the stage; Sonia ran to the keyboard and straightened up her mic, and I heaved the Fender Telecaster up and whipped the strap around my arm.

“Without any further ado, here is Sonic Underground!” Sonia said. “We’ve had a bit of a lineup change. Welcome our new guitarist and frontman, Tails! And our drummer, he’s still our old Manic, but Robotnik pulled something weird, and so he’s got a new look. Please welcome Shadow.” He flashed the ‘rock on’ hand gesture. Sonia nodded to Shadow and he hit the high hat 4 times really quickly, queueing me to start. I began to strum some power chords, shifting my fingers up and down the neck, and leading into a small solo to start the song off.  Shadow began to drum, I was sure that was Manic. I reached my mouth up to the mic, when a shockwave and a blinding pink flash knocked the three of us back. A large pink ring like the one Shadow described appeared from the source of the flash. I saw a red sneaker pop through the ring, and I was dumbstruck…


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