GDW: Suffocation Within

As soon as the flashback ended, I regained my composure and began to run again. I heard a click, followed by a whirring noise. I stopped dead and looked behind me to see a large scorched trail in the long hallways and mild buns on some of the windows.

“Freeze!” I heard a cold robotic voice yell, “You’re not going anywhere!” The metal-to-concrete footsteps that belonged to this voice grew closer, and then a robotic figure emerged carrying a stun weapon of some sort.

“Oh, really?” I said as I zoomed past the robot. I then felt a large jolt up my spine as my vision began to blur and I was knocked backward to the ground and had began to bleed again. I had apparently been hit by one of their stun batons. I could make out about a dozen blurry figures. Four of these blurs had grabbed each of my limbs and carried me toward certain doom. The lights on the ceiling began to blur and come back into focus randomly, which is incredibly uncomfortable.

Was that flame caused by my shoes? I wondered. If I can turn those on, I might be able to take out these robots. I tried numerous times, but with no avail. I thought of multiple keywords that might turn them on. Words like Go, Speed, Sonic, Shoes, and Flame ran through my mind.

“You are now Shadow the Hedgehog.” The black man had said.

“Shadow…” I thought as I heard the same click. I was dropped by the robots that were carrying me, as the ones by my feet had caught fire and the others were trying to extinguish the flames. My vision quickly regained focus again as I jumped to my feet and went into another weightless sprint.

I ran aimlessly down the halls until I came to a door at a dead end. I ran toward it and it opened automatically. The door had shut as soon as I cleared its path, but as soon as the door shut, I heard a sound like a flickering television. I pivoted 180 degrees on my flaming shoes to see a long thin layer of green, flickering energy blocking the door.

“Shit, I’m going to have to find a way through this.” I said.

“Good luck with that,” a raspy voice belonging to Dr. Gerald said, “That’s a 22.5 Gigawatt force field. We don’t want to have another skin graft, now do we?”

“You made a big mistake in making me this powerful!” I said arrogantly.

“You don’t even know how to use half of your powers; I could take you easily” The doctor said equally as arrogantly as he whipped a large machine gun out of his blood-stained lab coat. I could feel a tingling everywhere on my mangled black body, which had begun to glow a pinkish-red. I thought about taking him out quickly, and before I knew it, I was behind Dr. Gerald. I thought the word Shadow again, and when I heard the click, I did a backflip. I heard an ear-stabbing scream, and when I reverted back into my normal stance, I saw Dr. Gerald lying on the floor, and his coat had caught fire. The tingling slowly faded as did my pinkish glow.

“Oh…My…G-G-God…” The doctor said, “You’re a…Monster…”

“You made me a monster.” I said.

“Black Doom…Seize him…” The doctor said just before he passed out.

The black man, apparently named Black Doom, appeared out of nowhere and used that electrical surge he burned me with before. This time, however, it only stunned me. He used some sort of telepathy to drag me into an empty glass container. The container sealed and blue gases slowly poured into the container.

“This should fix you.” Black Doom said. Things slowly blurred, faded, and before I knew it, I was unconscious.

Who is Black Doom? What does he want with me? Why is Dr. Gerald in on it? Is this my end? All will be revealed. The day of the ring cometh closer and closer. Maybe I can find my answers at that time…


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