Long time no see…

So, yeah… been away for a while, but I’m back to kick some butt at Wild Canyon but I figured I should make a post just to say what I’ve been up to. I’ve finished another Speech season, but unfortunately I did not make it to State this year. But I’ll be posting this years script once the season is completely over. But as for today I have added a nice little Baccano! story that I did for school. So you can check that out over here.

In addition, what with having nothing to do now, I figured I should get started on that next story I mentioned. You know, the one which I wanted help deciding what to do. Not that anyone answered because, I mean, it’s not like anyone even reads this! Hahahahahahaa…ha…ha…………ha. But, anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to be writing an Olldsliat origin story. Naturally it won’t be as long as AE, it’ll probably be around New Empire‘s length, likely a bit shorter. So you can expect that to start sometime in the next week, and I’m gonna try and do a weekly update schedule on this one. Though, considering who we’re talking about here, I’m not making any promises.



Srsly, I need to gets myself a PS3. As much as I don’t like Sony controllers, Blu-Ray and free on-line are a bit more important, so I’d probably go with that over a 360. Plus if I ever check out SONIC ’06 for myself I might as well get the (supposedly) somewhat less glitchy version.


Oh, and I’m trying a new theme again because I decided the last one made the text area way too thin for a site based around literature.


Don’t you hate it when…

…your school/dorm’s internet censoring/parental controls software decides to block 99% of the websites you go to on a daily basis?

Yeah, this is kind of just a rant, but hey, we are on a blogging website after all. My guess is either they were just messing with the settings (because last week almost nothing was blocked) or the software just likes to mess with people, but either way pretty much every site in my bookmarks is blocked. So I hope there isn’t an explosion of members on Chaotix while this is like this. After it’s fixed, then we can let everyone in! But as it is I’m amazed I can even get on here.

One funny thing about this(and it isn’t the first time it’s happened; it’s just never been this bad) is that some websites have changed the reason they’re blocked. For example, deviantART is currently blocked because of “Community” along with Facebook and Twitter, but if it is blocked then it’s usually blocked for “Mature Content”. But of course Community is different from “Message Board”, which is what Chaotix (and MLIA strangely enough) are blocked for. Oh, and of course GameFAQs, TSS, and OC Remix are all blocked because of “Game”.

Rant aside, in site/life related news, I am now done with the Speech season (made it to State but didn’t place…), which means I have nothing going on anymore as far as after school shnizz goes, which also means I’ll probably be getting back to writing. I’ve kind of been itching to do some creatin’, and I also just really want to finish AE because 1) I’ve been working on it for like 2 years! 2) I love the ending. and 3) 2 years! Once/if it’s unblocked (I’m sure someone has already complained at a Supervisor about it, but they don’t control all the tech stuff.) I’ll probably make a topic on Chaotix asking what y’all wanna see next. I’ve got a couple ideas.

Also, maybe later tonight or sometime tomorrow I’m gonna throw up my scripts from Speech this year and last, and possibly some other little things I’ve got lying around on my computer. So you can look forward to that.

insert witty title about procrastination here

I’m running out of them. It’s almost enough to make stop procrastinating. Ha, like that’s gonna happen! It is my second most used tag after all (right behind Alternate Ending).

Nevertheless, I do in fact have another chapter for you, and the final stage of this story is launched, so hopefully things will keep rolling along. I want to finish before this month is out, or I’ll end up right where I was last year at this time.

Cue everyone suddenly getting my oh so subtle foreshadowing… yes, even my April Fool’s Day posts can be tied into my stories’ continuity! But obviously I won’t be able to do that again, so as stated I want to finish before then.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Chaotix! There’s a topic about sinks!

“Eventual Return” Sooner Than Expected.

Hey, guess what? I finished the new chapter! Yes, it’s been a while, but I’ve finally gotten it cranked out. So go on, read it. Some backstory, and a lot of Tails/Miles rage/angst. And violence. Gotta love violence. And if you find the title weird, think of it this way: at least I didn’t entitle it TAILS ANGST…. or better yet BROOKLYN RAGE!

Because you know I really wanted to.

Next chapter will have either more backstory directly, or I’ll have Amy telling Sonic. More likely directly, but there are some scenes I have to rework since I originally not going to have the Miles name change until later events. Also expect another random story I did for English class. It’s technically an Ekajra story, and technically not, so it’ll be in Extras. You’ll see once I post it.(Which will be once I know what grade I got so I can tell you that as well.)