Woot! Anniversary time!

And what better way to celebrate than fanfiction! Specifically the finale three chapters of Alternate Ending. I’m not gonna say anything about them here because I might ruin something, so just go and read them and prepare for awesomeness!

And I of course I totally had this all prepared long ahead of time and was only pretending to freak out and definitely spend all day yesterday writing and still not finish so I had to quick finish and post it this morning… that would just be foolish.

As for the future, for a little while I will be, as odd as it sounds considering my usual release schedule, taking a break from fanfictioning. Meaning I’m not gonna announce a new story soon for a couple reasons.

1) I just spent most of yesterday writing so I’m slightly burnt out.

2) School is beginning soon, so there’s that.

3) I’m not sure what story to do next.

And I also need to write a script for a random video my friends and I might make.

But that’s not to say this site won’t see any updating in a while. I’ll probably start doing more of those rant posts I’d been planning, with me talking about random stuff that will most likely pertain to the Sonic universe/fandom. Maybe some game reviews, who knows. But until then, go read the thrilling conclusion of Alternate Ending, and Happy Emerald Shrine Day!