Two new chapters

And there is very little else interesting I have to say. I’d like to convince you I wrote these and were just holding them for dramatic effect but I actually wrote them both today. I was gonna try and power through them before tomorrow but that didn’t work out. So the last half will probably come out this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be playing many games, so unless I randomly take a break and do some writings (possibly after playing Adventure and getting all Sonic historical) I won’t be getting back to the story till then.


And so, with me finishing up the story this weekend (hopefully), I shall be announcing my next project some time next week. And I think y’all shall find it most intriguing…


This is exactly what I’m talking about…

… when I say I’m not making any promises. But fear not, for I have actually started on that story I said I was going to have started a month ago, complete with plenty of gratuitous Latin. You know, to make it feel more ancienty. And actually, as you’ll find out, that isn’t the only foreign language I’ve decided to randomly thrown into this story. In any case, the first chapter is here.

One of the main reasons I suddenly realized I really need to get working on this is that the end of the school year is approaching, which means I need to finish this story if I’m going to work on my summer project. That shall be revealed in a few weeks time, and I think you’ll find it most interesting…

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also added the my speech from this last season, as promised. As can be expected from me it’s full of video game references and jokes, all spun together into something that resembles a narrative. I’ve decided to make a poetry page and have housed a few of my recent works there. More will probably be added as I write more or perhaps dig back into some of my archives. Both of these can be found on the Extra page.

Woot! Anniversary time!

And what better way to celebrate than fanfiction! Specifically the finale three chapters of Alternate Ending. I’m not gonna say anything about them here because I might ruin something, so just go and read them and prepare for awesomeness!

And I of course I totally had this all prepared long ahead of time and was only pretending to freak out and definitely spend all day yesterday writing and still not finish so I had to quick finish and post it this morning… that would just be foolish.

As for the future, for a little while I will be, as odd as it sounds considering my usual release schedule, taking a break from fanfictioning. Meaning I’m not gonna announce a new story soon for a couple reasons.

1) I just spent most of yesterday writing so I’m slightly burnt out.

2) School is beginning soon, so there’s that.

3) I’m not sure what story to do next.

And I also need to write a script for a random video my friends and I might make.

But that’s not to say this site won’t see any updating in a while. I’ll probably start doing more of those rant posts I’d been planning, with me talking about random stuff that will most likely pertain to the Sonic universe/fandom. Maybe some game reviews, who knows. But until then, go read the thrilling conclusion of Alternate Ending, and Happy Emerald Shrine Day!

Oh hey, it’s almost August 1st…


I should probably get back to work. For now you can go enjoy the latest chapter of Alternate Ending. Which consists of the “wee-bit of strategizing, some plot, another character added (official this time), strategizing” section of my outline that I last posted. Which means next is the part with all the BATTLE and what not.

In other site news that actually happened earlier this week but I didn’t bother posting about it cause I knew this post was coming, I added a forum link to the top bar. Which since that can only link to pages on the site, is just a page where you can click a link to get to Chaotix. So, people reading this who aren’t on Chaotix yet, go join!

Happy Robotnik Day!

Oh, and that blue spiky thing too…

But seriously (as serious as you can get with a video game franchise based around a blue woodland critter [which is actually surprisingly serious {I like parenthetical additions to sentences}]), it is once again the day when the fandom celebrates the release of Sonic the Hedgehog on the SEGA Genesis (I say Genesis because I’m AMERICAN [IN AMERICA! {WITH MORE BRACKETS!}]).

It’s also conveniently the release of SA2 in the rest of the world, because apparently SEGA of America overlooked the awesome timing they could have had with its release. Nevertheless, what better way to celebrate than with fanfiction! To that end, I present you with another chapter of Alternate Ending! I initially thought I was gonna finish it all for today, then I realized I still had five chapters left, so… In any case, the chapters after this will pretty much go thusly, theme wise: wee-bit of strategizing, some plot, another character added (official this time), strategizing, then BATTLE with more BATTLE on top of BATTLE with a dash of BATTLE and some sprinkling of PLOT and MOAR CHARACTERS with a light seasoning of REFERENCES and more PLOT all served with a fine helping of FINAL BOSS!!!

It’ll be fun. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play some SA2… especially since I somehow ended up deleting my save file.

insert witty title about procrastination here

I’m running out of them. It’s almost enough to make stop procrastinating. Ha, like that’s gonna happen! It is my second most used tag after all (right behind Alternate Ending).

Nevertheless, I do in fact have another chapter for you, and the final stage of this story is launched, so hopefully things will keep rolling along. I want to finish before this month is out, or I’ll end up right where I was last year at this time.

Cue everyone suddenly getting my oh so subtle foreshadowing… yes, even my April Fool’s Day posts can be tied into my stories’ continuity! But obviously I won’t be able to do that again, so as stated I want to finish before then.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Chaotix! There’s a topic about sinks!

Snow Day = New Chapter

I had a snow day today. Which is quite awesome indeed. Except that in the dorms the internet is set to turn off during school hours. I probably would’ve run out of internet to do anyway, but this of course lead to me actually working on Alternate Ending. So, yeah, new chapter and all that. We wrap up the back flashing, and now near the end, so things are gonna get moving. Also, those familiar with my RP activity should recognize some new characters in this chapter.

Also I might be doing something for Christmas, but I have to decide if my idea is actually good or not…