5 Year Anniversary Update

Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine – Celebrating five years of bringing you the best in procrastination!

Well, at least I didn’t miss the actual day this time.


So, how’s it going internet? Been a while since I’ve made the postings upon this site. It’s been an interesting year. Graduated high school,  starting college in less than a month. So what does that mean for Emerald Shrine?

Not a whole lot, really. I still like writing, and I still like Sonic, so the stories should keep coming. I probably would have written more this summer, but this time it was actually less the procrastination to blame as it was working nights at my summer job, or working overtime if I’m moved to second shift. Twelve hour shifts for the win.

However, I am predicting a return to the fanfictioning once the school year begins. On one hand, lots of college-type learning. But I’m also fairly certain that the dorm internet at my college is really slow. It definitely was when I last visited it and stayed in the dorms and did tour type things and whatnot. So that probably means less time wandering random internet humor sites.

First order of business when I return: finishing Ortus Portenti. I know where it’s going, and I’ve had the first page or so of the next chapter just sitting around this whole time anyway, so jumping back in shouldn’t be too difficult. After that, I have a super special awesome idea cooked up. I’m still avoiding mentioning specifics about it because I think I might actually have an original idea for once and I don’t want to risk someone who works quicker than me stealing it. Not that anyone reads this site anyway!

Ha ha… self deprecation.

Anyway, that idea will take a while just by nature of how it will work. After that I have some things planned for the Ekajra universe, some ideas for other Sonic stories, as well as… ponies?

But, as far as the near future is concerned, in a few weeks I’ll have a bit of time off before I head off to college and I’ll be posting some non-fanfiction things on here, mostly from the fancy writing class I took last year. Most of them aren’t that good, but there’s a few gems. A lot are already on my deviantART, so you can snoop around there. Eventually I’ll get it all evened out so everything on my dA is also on Emerald Shrine.


But, that’s enough of my blathering. Until next time, internets.

Enjoy the pie.


Well that slipped by…

So yeah, Monday was the website’s 4’th anniversary, and, alas, I had/have nothing to post. Various circumstances, as well as the usual procrastination, have led to me still having not finished Ortus Portenti. Though I think you’ll forgive me if I say that part of that time was spent on building Angel Island in Minecraft.

Ortus Portenti will be finished sometime in the near future (I’m hoping within the month so that it doesn’t end up stretching into the school year), and my next project will begin shortly afterward. Sonic Stadium regulars should watch for me making an appearance in the SSN section of SSMB when that happens. I think y’all will find what I have in mind rather interesting…

In other news:

Two new chapters

And there is very little else interesting I have to say. I’d like to convince you I wrote these and were just holding them for dramatic effect but I actually wrote them both today. I was gonna try and power through them before tomorrow but that didn’t work out. So the last half will probably come out this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be playing many games, so unless I randomly take a break and do some writings (possibly after playing Adventure and getting all Sonic historical) I won’t be getting back to the story till then.


And so, with me finishing up the story this weekend (hopefully), I shall be announcing my next project some time next week. And I think y’all shall find it most intriguing…

This is exactly what I’m talking about…

… when I say I’m not making any promises. But fear not, for I have actually started on that story I said I was going to have started a month ago, complete with plenty of gratuitous Latin. You know, to make it feel more ancienty. And actually, as you’ll find out, that isn’t the only foreign language I’ve decided to randomly thrown into this story. In any case, the first chapter is here.

One of the main reasons I suddenly realized I really need to get working on this is that the end of the school year is approaching, which means I need to finish this story if I’m going to work on my summer project. That shall be revealed in a few weeks time, and I think you’ll find it most interesting…

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also added the my speech from this last season, as promised. As can be expected from me it’s full of video game references and jokes, all spun together into something that resembles a narrative. I’ve decided to make a poetry page and have housed a few of my recent works there. More will probably be added as I write more or perhaps dig back into some of my archives. Both of these can be found on the Extra page.

insert witty title about procrastination here

I’m running out of them. It’s almost enough to make stop procrastinating. Ha, like that’s gonna happen! It is my second most used tag after all (right behind Alternate Ending).

Nevertheless, I do in fact have another chapter for you, and the final stage of this story is launched, so hopefully things will keep rolling along. I want to finish before this month is out, or I’ll end up right where I was last year at this time.

Cue everyone suddenly getting my oh so subtle foreshadowing… yes, even my April Fool’s Day posts can be tied into my stories’ continuity! But obviously I won’t be able to do that again, so as stated I want to finish before then.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Chaotix! There’s a topic about sinks!

I’ve realized something…

I have been promising chapters and procrastinating since before Emerald Shrine even began. I was randomly perusing Knuckles Haven, and I noticed what I had posted when I was originally launching Emerald Shrine:

“Allright, so earlier today I finally decided to get started on my fan fics and actually finished the first part of them, and so I’m gonna finnally launch my site. On August first, I’m gonna open up my site, Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine, where you can find my fan fics. Hopefully I’ll have written some moe before then.

Then, on August 1st, launch day:

“Allright, Ekajra’s Emerald Shrine is now officially open! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to write anything in between when I posted before and now, but at least the site is up. Check it out at http://emeraldshrine.googlepages.com!”

On that note, I haven’t finished the new Alternate Ending chapter yet. However, with Thanksgiving weekend coming up, and the play being over after today, I will be pretty much completely cleared up schedule wise. Which equals boredom. Which equals writing!

I admit defeat…

So, basically, as expected, here’s what happened. I work on it for the first week, had a little piece of paper with me I’d be writing on and such. Second week… nothing. Or at least not very much. Combined powers of my usual procrastination, losing interest in my own plot(Lief turned out different than I planned), and the fact that after a brief stint of peace I was bombarded by the Hairy Orangutan  Magics Ewok Warriors of Ragnarok Kitty, also known as homework. Mainly English. STRANGE, ISN’T IT? I’d start over, but it’s already half way through the month, so it’s not really worth it.

Anywhozle, I added what I had to the end, for a final word count of 2,996 words. So I added four words that mean nothing. Because I’m crazy like that. So that’s basically a chapter of AE.

Speaking of which, I’ll be going back to that. New chapter sometimes this week, probably in the next few days. And this is my last week of teh Children’s Theatre, so I’ll have more free time after this week.